Holiday and Winter Shipping Delays

Winter Holiday Shipping Delays

Transcript: It’s that time of the year again, so today we’re going to talk about navigating holiday and winter shipping delays. FreightPros. Freight Tips w/ Logan Theissen. Tip#1: Ship early. The best way to combat these delays is to get your shipments out early. Transit times are notoriously longer during the holiday shipping season, so […]

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The Delivery Report: Getting LTL Delivered Since 2009

delivery report

The FreightPros Delivery Report is a daily report we run to make sure our LTL shipments in transit are delivered in a timely manner. It’s just another aspect of our FreightPros world class customer service, and Logan does a quick video overview primed for watching here!

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Shipping Detention with Matt Harrington

shipping detention

Matt Harrington, our Truckload Operations Manager, jumps into “Detention” in both LTL and Truckload shipping. What is detention? When it’s applied, and ways to get around it. Check it out!

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Sheridan Explains It All: Guaranteed Shipments

guaranteed shipments

In part two of our video series, Sheridan explains the process of “guaranteed shipments,” and how they can be useful for your LTL freight shipping.

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Sheridan Explains It All: The PRO Report

Account Manager Sheridan Phillips kicks off her new video series, Sheridan Explains It All, with a quick run through of the FreightPros PRO Report.

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LTL Freight Claims

Quick and easy steps to make your LTL freight claim go smoothly.

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How to Quickly Cover a Truckload Shipment

Video that shows the FreightPros Truckload team in action, quickly covering a truckload freight shipment in under two minutes at a great rate.

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Know Your Freight Broker

FreightPros team of freight brokers talk about their interactions with some of their favorite customers to work with.

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Freight Bill of Lading Basics: Freight Bill of Lading Definition and Uses

Freight Bill of Lading

Learn how a bill of lading is used in domestic freight shipping. Discover what information is needed on a complete bill of lading.

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FAK-Freight All Kinds Explained

Chris explains the basic concept of what an FAK is and how it can effect a shipper’s freight pricing.

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Truckload Quote Checklist

Matt describes the critical items of information you will need to obtain a truckload freight quote.

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Tip to Avoid LTL Freight Reclasses

Chris gives a really simple tip that will help most shippers avoid 90% of freight reclasses. Watch the video for this quick tip that can help you avoid a very costly LTL freight reclass.

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