TL and LTL Freight Differences Part II


Part II of FreightPros video on what to watch out for when you start using a new mode of transportation. LTL and TL freight have some key differences and this video helps walk freight shippers through those fundamental differences.

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Top Reasons to Use a Freight Broker


Want to know why your business should utilize a freight broker to move its goods? Stacey gives three quick advantages to using a broker instead of working with a carrier directly.

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TL and LTL Freight Differences Part I


We give some tips to avoid common mistakes that we see shippers make when they are accustomed to doing LTL freight and start doing TL freight, or vice versa. Avoid costly shipping mistakes with these simple tips that will help you ship your freight in a smarter way.

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Freight Shipment History Demo

shipment history

Search for your entire shipment history using our online freight shipping tool. This demo shows how quickly you can retrieve vital information from past freight shipments.

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Create a Freight Shipment Demo

Create Freight Shipment

Demo video showing how you can easily create a shipment and bill of lading using FreightPros online freight software.

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TMS Tracking Demo

Tracking Video

Quickly track all of your LTL shipments from one screen with our easy to use online software. This demo shows how easy it is.

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Online Freight Quote Demo

Quote Video

Learn how easy it is to get an online freight quote using FreightPros web based shipping software. This video shows how quickly you can get an instant freight quote online.

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