Know Your Freight Broker

FreightPros team of freight brokers talk about their interactions with some of their favorite customers to work with.
We asked some of our employees to talk about their relationship with their favorite customers since we know that having a strong relationship with our customers and really understanding their business and needs is key to a successful relationship.  See the results in the video above. And don’t forget to check out our freight shipping guide, available for free download.

Video Transcript:

“We asked our team of freight brokers about some of their favorite customers to work with.  Here was their response:”

[Ashley Phillips, Sr. Account Manager – FreightPros]

My favorite customer to work with is Dave.  He works at a hardwood flooring company.  He’s hilarious.  We normally talk every single day.  He’s big on customer service to his customers, which I am as well.  So we have that connection as far as work ethic.  Dave knows that when I say I’m going to do something for him, that I’m going to do it.  He’s very proactive on his end, but also lets me kind of show him my work and get back to him.  Oftentimes I’ll send him a reminder email “hey Dave I’m still working on this for you” and he says “Ashley, I know you’re not going to forget about me.”  

One good thing about working with my customers is usually I get a sense for what they do.  On the free time, all of us are very hard workers.  But for instance, Dave and I are both from West Texas.  We found this out a few months after working together through natural conversation.  When he’s going back home to visit, for say Christmas or the holidays, we joke about “uh we’re having to head West.”  Because of course, there is nothing out West, we both now have a love for Austin and call it home, but its really fun to hear those conversations and learn where my customers live and come from and about their life.  We joke about it when it comes up, even in freight you know, “oh we’re shipping something back West, let’s see how this goes.”

[Randi Hawley, Account Manager – FreightPros]

The relationships I build with customers on a day-to-day basis are very personable.  And that’s the one joy I have with this company and building relationships in general.  You can talk to them about their family and what they are doing on the weekend and their hobbies. It makes it seem like we’re not just computers over here, we’re actually real people and we really like to get involved with each customer. One of my favorite customers to work with is Kirk.  

He works at this awesome company and what they do there is make nutrition bars.  I feel like I help their business operation and the way that they process things.  Kirk he travels a lot, so what I do is when he’s off traveling, he’ll send me an email saying “hey I really need your help with this quote” or “I need you to build this shipment.”  So I’m helping him in a way where he can go off and travel and make more business while I’m helping him on the back end.

[Logan Theissen, Account Manager – FreightPros]

I’ve been taking care of Brandi now for two years and over those two years I’ve learned about her family, I’ve learned about her husband, I’ve met her, I’ve went and taken donuts to her team and crew over there multiple times.  Its one of those things that I do it every day and even as my position changes and maybe other people send tracking updates to other customers.  

I still personally take it every morning to send that email over to Brandi and let her know that her shipments are being taken care of personally, by me and if its a Friday, invite her out to happy hour and hope that she has a good and safe weekend.

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