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Put the Load on NTG

Our Inbound Vendor Management program proves time and time again to save both time and money for our customers. We help manage your inbound freight processes and aid in streamlining your organization. Whether it comes to setting up bills of lading, freight tracking shipments, or making sure your invoices our correct, our freight brokers are the best in the business. What is a freight broker? I'm glad you asked. A freight broker can offer lower freight quotes (and NTG does this), but we are a full service freight broker, and we're proud to offer much more than just lowered freight rates across the country. We offer a full partnership with our clients and customers. That's the NTG way, and it's what makes us unique in the freight world.

Your Vendors are Profiting from Freight Costs

Many vendors use the freight or shipping charges that they charge you when shipping your company inbound or raw materials as a profit center. Part of our inbound vendor management program ensures you are getting a competitive rate by utilizing NTG's market leading freight rates. By getting the lowest rates you can make sure to get the most out of your shipping and logistics team.

Streamline Your Operations w/ Inbound Vendor Management

NTG can make managing your inbound freight simple. We will work with your existing vendors by creating a routing guide to alert them that we will be handling your freight. At NTG, we believe that the best practice to ensure a smooth freight shipment is to plan accordingly. That's what our inbound vendor management system is all about. It's about planning, and making sure that your vendors and your inbound freight are on the same page.  Let us do the work of managing these shipments and take this part of the freight process off of your plate.

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