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About FreightPros

FreightPros provides best-in-class freight services combined with deeply discounted freight pricing. We also provide leading web-based freight solutions for small to medium sized business shippers.  We are guided by our core values and are a dynamic, rapidly growing business headquartered in Austin, TX.

Where FreightPros is Going

FreightPros vision is to set the standard for a quality freight experience.

How Are We Going to Get There?

FreightPros mission is to build strong customer partnerships by delivering exceptional support and innovative solutions carried out by a reliable, efficient, inspired team of freight experts.

Not Your Typical Freight Brokerage

Let us be blunt. We think most other freight brokers have it all wrong. We operate in an extremely antiquated, “old school” mentality type industry and there’s no reason that we should continue to adhere to this path. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible to our customers. That’s why you’ll see our actual employees on our site. You can get to know us and we’ll get to know you and your business and figure out ways that we can work together collectively to improve your business, reduce costs, and make your day more efficient. We are committed to providing insightful, engaging content on freight shipping from a broker’s perspective that will be valuable to you and your business. Finally, we promote a culture at FreightPros.com of constant collaboration and iterative improvements. All of our employees are actively engaged in improving our systems and processes. This results in a better overall experience for our customers and a staff that is engaged and passionate about our customer base.

Company Culture

FreightPros.com was founded in and operates in Austin, TX. We’ve continually drawn on this growing and thriving community of talent to find our skilled and resourceful team. We promote a passionate and positive attitude with our employees and are always looking to add bright and intelligent people to the team. If you are in the Austin area, I encourage you to reach out and attend one of our company gatherings or happy hours, otherwise, definitely stop by the office to see what the whole FreightPros.com experience and culture is about.