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Custom Freight Solutions for Your Unique Business

The team at NTG realizes that one size certainly does not fit all in the freight world. We have the talent and resources to accommodate or build custom freight solutions for our clients. Additionally, our existing technology services from Freight Spend Analysis, Customer Specific Pricing, shopping cart integration, and our online TMS, to name a few, have had huge impacts on our customers processes and their bottom line. By providing custom freight solutions, we give our customers the best opportunities to save money and get cheap and reliable freight quotes.

Customer Specific Pricing for your Needs

The NTG team can tailor a custom pricing solutions that fits your organizations needs. Through custom tariffs, FAKs, and lowered or waived accessorials, we have the ability to work with and negotiate specific pricing opportunities for our larger shipping customers. You can learn more about Freight of All Kinds (FAKs) by downloading our Freight Paper.

Freight Spend Analysis

Many of our current customers didn't realize how much they were overspending on their freight through their current carrier partners or broker until they allowed us to do a custom freight spend analysis. By utilizing your previous freight invoices, we can evaluate potential areas for savings based on our network of carriers and discounted pricing. What's the point of paying a freight broker unless they're going to be full service? We're about more than just cheap quotes, we're about adding value to your shipping, and knowing the difference between value and price.

Shopping Cart Integration

If you have a e-commerce presence and want to integrate instant freight rates into your system, the NTG technology team can help integrate your system with our suite of carriers. We've worked with most of the major shopping cart platforms and have helped our e-commerce based customers reduce time and costs with integrated quoting.

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