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Innovative Cloud-Based Technology

NTG's powerful cloud-based technology gives you access to the freight information you need at a moment's notice. Transform the way you work with your freight. Our web-based technology offers TMS freight pickups, shipment tracking, GPS truck tracking, easy freight quotes, and much more.
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Freight Shipping in the 21st Century

The NTG team is continually surprised at how many of our current customers were not utilizing leading web based freight technology prior to utilizing our services. If instant rates LTL rates from over 50 leading providers, or the ability to track all of your shipments in transit from one location is something that you never thought possible, then let us give you a demo to show you those features and so many more that can simplify the way you do business and put more time back in your day so that you can tackle other important tasks

Cloud-Based Freight Hub

The ability to have one central repository for freight information, load history, freight quotes, bill payment, etc. is one core reason that so many customers utilize NTG services. Our online based systems will clearly give you insight into previous, pending and future loads and give you the ability to access this information from anywhere that you have internet access. Leave the days behind of storing paper invoices from a multitude of carriers or struggling to figure out how much freight spend you had in a given time period. By consolidating your shipping with NTG, you'll gain increased insight into your organization, while reducing your freight spend, all while interacting with one simple system.

Innovate with Us

NTG's technology staff is constantly updating and innovating our existing systems so that we can offer the most up-to-date and effective solutions for our customers to utilize to manager their transportation activities and freight spend. Because our solutions are based on the web, we can deploy them quickly and seamlessly to our client base so that our customers can capitalize on them and integrate into their existing freight processes as quickly as possible.

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