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LTL Freight Shipping

A Fresh Approach to LTL Freight Shipping

FreightPros is trying to break the perspective that LTL freight shipping is nothing more than a commodity. We deliver more transportation options, cheap freight shipping solutions, and technology than any other player in the marketplace. We back-up this diversity of solutions with dedicated account personnel that will come to understand your business and become a true partner in your logistics success. Our team will ensure that your freight is on its way and on time, and if its not, will go out of its way to get it back on course. You’ll love having a FreightPro in your corner and you’ll also enjoy the cost savings that comes with it. If you’re looking for information on how to ship a mattress, we can help. Or wondering how to ship an engine? No problem, we handle it all.

Cost Savings

The FreightPros selection of quality LTL carriers is unmatched. Even compared to shipping through the post office. We’ve built relationships with a range of carriers to meet your LTL freight shipping needs, whether its national long haul, regional, or short haul freight. Our contracts have been negotiated so that we can offer our customers a huge diversity of carriers, while realizing cheap freight shipping pricing on LTL freight quotes that maximizes various FAKs, accessorial price reductions, and significant base rate discounts depending on the carrier and freight lane.

Dedicated Support Staff

Every FreightPros customer is assigned dedicated operations and account management personnel, your internal FreightPros team, to ensure your company is moving its freight in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. As this staff learns about your business and its complex needs, they are able to offer consultative solutions to help with your logistics issues. Additionally, our team of freight brokers always strive to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to any potential issues or stumbling blocks with your freight or shipments. What is a freight broker? I’m glad you asked.

Technology Advantage

The FreightPros Transportation Management System (TMS) gives true power to our customers. The TMS allows for instant freight quotes, shipment document generation, integrated carrier tracking, and shipment history look-up all from one central web based application.

Business Intelligence

Our TMS has the power to unlock the business metrics behind your transportation spend. Our customizable reporting solutions can give insight to employees ranging from the Shipping Manager, to the CFO, all the way to CEO or President of your organization. Whether its a breakdown of shipping spend, tonnage moved, carriers utilized, or locations shipped to or from, we can create reporting that will keep your business on track and give efficient insight into what is going on with your organization’s transportation.

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LTL Shipping

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