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NTG is breaking the misconception that LTL freight shipping is "just a commodity." We deliver better support, more transportation options, deeper discounts, and more robust technology than any other player in the marketplace. We back-up this diversity of solutions with our dedicated support team that will get to know your business and becomes a true partner in your logistics success. You’ll love having an NTG rep in your corner, and you’ll also enjoy the cost savings that come with it!

Cost Savings

We offer huge savings by pooling our book of business and using our volumes to negotiate deep discounts with quality carriers.  It's like buying in bulk for better pricing!  We can often save our customers up to 85% discounts on LTL shipping.  

Access to 70+ Quality Carriers

Come to NTG and get access to our entire carrier base of 70+ quality LTL carriers, all in one place!  This saves you time from having to price-compare carriers individually.  Our contracts have been negotiated so that we can offer our customers a huge diversity of carriers, while realizing cheap freight shipping pricing on LTL freight quotes that maximizes various FAKs, accessorial price reductions, and significant base rate discounts depending on the carrier and freight lane.  Our strong relationships with a wide range of carriers allows us to meet your unique LTL shipping needs-- whether its national long haul, regional, or short haul freight.  Our carriers service a huge range of commodities-- If you’re looking for information on how to ship an engine, we can help. Or wondering how to ship CPG? No problem, we handle it all!


Dedicated Support Staff

Every NTG customer gets access to dedicated operations and account management team members.  Together, we serve as your advocates and ensure that you're moving freight in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. We learn about your business and its complex needs and offer consultative solutions. Additionally, our team of freight brokers always strive to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to any potential issues or stumbling blocks with your freight or shipments.  We're easy to get ahold of and are just a quick phone call or email away from making your shipping world a whole lot easier! 

Technology Advantage

Our Transportation Management System (TMS) gives true power to our customers. The TMS allows for instant freight quotes, shipment document generation, integrated carrier tracking, and shipment history look-up all from one central web-based application.

Nationwide Coverage

We work with 70+ reputable National and Regional LTL Carriers. Our coverage map is nationwide and includes Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico and Canada!

Business Intelligence

We have the power to unlock the business metrics behind your transportation spend. Our customizable reporting solutions can give insight to employees ranging from the Shipping Manager to the CFO, all the way to CEO or President of your organization. Whether its a breakdown of shipping spend, tonnage moved, carriers used or locations shipped to or from, we can create reporting that will keep your business on track and give efficient insight into what is going on with your organization’s transportation.

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NTG has been connecting businesses to the best LTL Freight Shipping companies all around the country. With our wide array of partners, better discount on quotes, the best freight support team, and state-of-the-art technology for communication, we really deliver one of the best services in the market.

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What is LTL Freight Shipping?

Less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipping is commonly used by businesses when they want to transport small freight or cargo that does not use an entire trailer.

It’s still freight shipping, but instead of paying for an entire trailer truck’s worth, a customer can pay for a portion of a trailer that their freight cargo occupies. Other shippers then pay for other portions of the truck while their freight fills up the unused space.

If your freight weighs somewhere between 150 to 5,000 pounds, you should consider using LTL freight shipping to reduce your shipping cost.

What are the Benefits of LTL Freight Shipping?

  • Minimize costs: When booking an LTL shipment, you only pay for the part of the trailer your freight is occupying. The other unused spaces are then paid by other shippers and they fill their own portions of the trailer.
  • Tracking Systems: LTL freight shipping companies often have amazing tracking capabilities. They also have good truck routes that allows your freight to arrive on time. These companies use PRO numbers, shipment reference numbers, PO numbers, pick up date range, and other metrics to ensure your freight arrives safely on time.
  • Increased security: Since your freight is together with other cargo from different sources, LTL freight shipping companies packaged your freight on pallets. This is done before your freight is loaded onto a truck. The security of a well-packaged pallet is better than shipments who only has smaller handling units.

What are the Factors that Determine Shipping Rates of LTL Freight?

There are several factors that affect how shipping rates are determined for LTL freights. Pricings are regulated by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association, a non-profit organization made up of the biggest interstate motor carriers in the country.

These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Location: The further your shipment location is, the higher the price it will cost.  
  • Freight Dimensions: Your shipment’s dimensions and weight determines your freight class, which directly impacts the shipping rate of your freight. If you are having trouble calculating your freight’s dimensions, then we recommend checking out our density calculator.
  • Shipping Mode: An example of this is that customers can get their LTL shipment expedited by additional fees on top of their quote.
  • Freight Type: Freight that requires special means of handling (perishables, hazardous, or fragile items) will likely lead to higher costs.

If you are Interested in LTL Freight Shipping, then Let NTG Help You!

NTG is partnered with more than 70+ quality LTL carriers all across the country.

We can help you save time and effort in choosing the right carrier for your freight. If you do not have time to manually compare prices from all the LTL carriers out there, then let us do that for you. All our contracts have been negotiated meticulously so our customers can have an amazing LTL freight shipping experience delivered to you by a huge diversity of carriers.

This saves you money on a huge number of ways – from accessorial price reductions, maximizing various FAKs, and quality base discounts depending on the chosen carrier and freight route. All our connections with our carriers can cater to your unique LTL shipping needs.

NTG Technology and Dedicated Support Staff at your Disposal

Partnering with us here at NTG also gives you unparalleled efficiency when choosing to opt for an LTL freight shipping service – in the form of our cutting-edge technology and our dedicated support staff.

Our Transportation Management System (TMS) gives you power from start to finish. From getting instant freight quotes, shipment document generation, integrated carrier trafficking, up to your shipment history, all can be accessed from our own central, web-based application.

Meanwhile, each of our customers gets access to a team of very dedicated support staff that handles all operations and management of all the people involved in your freight shipment. We meticulously learn about your business as much as possible, and provide adequate and cost-effective solutions to your freight needs. Additionally, our team of freight brokers are always proactive when it comes to any potential issues that might become a roadblock in your shipment. The staff is also just one quick phone call away, so feel free to contact them in case of any worries you might have during your freight shipping experience.

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