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Transportation Management Systems are The Best. Period.

transportation management systems

Anyone who has spent hours reaching out to providers for LTL and volume quotes know how time consuming and stressful that process can be. Time spent waiting for an emailed response to your quote request can make you feel like there’s just not enough time in the day. You’ve got other things to do!

While having FreightPros assist with your shipping needs puts you ahead of the curve, if you are frequent shipper, you know that freight is, above all else, time sensitive. What if you could take freight shipping into your own hands? That’s where TMS comes in, and it’s why Transportation Management Systems are the best. Period.

There are so many benefits to incorporating a transportation management system into your current processes that I can only scratch the surface in this short blog. But among the many perks:

  • Get quotes from multiple carriers
  • Schedule a pick up
  • Print your bill of lading
  • Track all your shipments from one convenient place

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you could streamline your logistics needs? Having access to a transportation management system can help most businesses by decreasing the time spent arranging and finalizing an LTL shipment. So talk to your freight broker today, and find out if your business could benefit from an online Transportation Management System.


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