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Oh, Ship! Understanding LTL Freight Delays

In the shipping world, few things are more frustrating than your shipment being delayed. You’ve either got an angry customer yelling in your ear, or your company’s production is being held up because of a part that has yet to arrive. Either way, for lack of a better word, it sucks. But the first step […]

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Effective Leadership

“There aren’t any bad teams, only bad leaders,” said Leif Babin in Extreme Ownership. That line really struck a chord with me. My first reaction was to start defending myself and my team. “We are doing well, sure we could improve but heck, we are an efficient and effective part of our company! I’m pushing […]

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Missed Freight Pickups

That time my freight pickup was missed. Remember that moment when you needed to get to the store before it closed, but just couldn’t make it in time? It’s not fun for anyone but sometimes things happen in life that are just out of our control. Unfortunately, it’s not much different in the world of […]

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10 Questions to Consider When Choosing Your Freight Broker

If you’re new to shipping and looking for a freight broker, how do you decide who to go with? Do you just Google the phrase “Freight Broker?” Do you reach out to your shipping contacts and see who they’re using? Do you try to go straight to the carrier, and bypass the broker option entirely? […]

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25 Genius Tips for Saving Money on Shipping Costs

save $$$ on freight costs

Everyone wants to save money on shipping. No great secret there. At FreightPros, we’re committed to helping our customers, and their customers (and really anyone that’s interested in shipping) save time and money on their logistics. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of 25 Genius Tips for Saving Money on Your Shipping. We’ve categorized […]

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How to have a Successful Trade Show

how to have a successful trade show

A trade show is a very important milestone for a business. Like a Quinceanera to a young woman, every detail matters and everything needs to be perfect. This is why choosing a freight broker with trade show experience is necessary. Think of how foolish you will look with nothing in your booth but yourself, and […]

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Adding Value to Truckload Shipping

value truckload shipping

If you’re serious about your freight shipping, you’re always looking to add value to your logistics game. What does it mean to add value? Pretty simple, really. By streamlining your truckload freight through a series of broker processes, you can save money and time that will add value to the other parts of your business. […]

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Transportation Management Systems are The Best. Period.

transportation management systems

Anyone who has spent hours reaching out to providers for LTL and volume quotes know how time consuming and stressful that process can be. Time spent waiting for an emailed response to your quote request can make you feel like there’s just not enough time in the day. You’ve got other things to do! While having FreightPros assist […]

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5 Ways To Know If You’re A Freight Broker

5 ways to know if you're a freight broker

Something strange happens when you work long hours trying to make sure you get that residential delivery figured out. You enter a sort of a hazy, netherworld. You see the black dog. One day you wake up and you’re shocked to realize you’ve become a freight broker. It’s like when Spider-Man wakes up from a […]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Claims

frequently asked questions claims

Being a claims specialist with FreightPros can be a difficult job. No one wants to get that call or email that your freight has been damaged, refused by the consignee, or outright lost by the carrier. Unfortunately, as a freight broker we don’t have any control over how the carrier handles your freight. However, we can supply […]

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Changes in Freight Class Affect LTL Shipping

changes in freight class

Have You Checked Your Freight Class Recently? As a Billing Specialist at FreightPros, one of the most difficult invoice issues I deal with is a Reclass. Your product may not ship at the same class as it did when you started shipping. I cannot stress enough the importance of all five suggestions that our Classmaster, Lucas, made […]

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