Freight Brokers: How to choose the right one for your business

Freight Brokers | How to Choose the Right One for your Business

When the amount of orders you’re shipping out is big enough, a freight broker is your first point of contact because they primarily facilitate the freight shipment process. In turn, you can focus more on other areas of your business because you will have a partner on the logistics side of the business working for …

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8 Easy Ways to Cut Down On Your Freight Cost

If you’re a shipper you want to cut down on Freight Cost. It’s not rocket science. Cutting costs is part of running a successful business. The tricky part, however, is making sure that these cuts don’t include dropping your level of service. Crappy service means losing customers, which means…well…you get it. At FreightPros, we may …

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How to have a Successful Trade Show

how to have a successful trade show

A trade show is a very important milestone for a business. Like a Quinceanera to a young woman, every detail matters and everything needs to be perfect. This is why choosing a freight broker with trade show experience is necessary. Think of how foolish you will look with nothing in your booth but yourself, and …

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Disposition in Freight Shipping

Less than truckload freight shipping

Don’t get busted by Disposition When I was a teenager, my mother would often tell me I had a sour disposition. Of course, I would immediately shout, “Whatever!” and sulk up to my room. That’s how it goes when you’re 14 and emo. All this is to say that when I started working in freight …

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Adding Value to Truckload Shipping

value truckload shipping

If you’re serious about your freight shipping, you’re always looking to add value to your logistics game. What does it mean to add value? Pretty simple, really. By streamlining your truckload freight through a series of broker processes, you can save money and time that will add value to the other parts of your business. …

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