Concealed Damage in Freight & What You Need to Know

concealed damage

Concealed Damage¬†is one of the worst parts of freight shipping. No doubt about it. You take the time to package the freight correctly, you inspect the freight at delivery, you sign the POD “clean,” and then you finally unpack¬†your shipment and…damage. Ahhhhhhhhh!!! But fear not. All is not lost. There is a process that deals …

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Disposition in Freight Shipping

disposition in freight shipping

Don’t get busted by Disposition When I was a teenager, my mother would often tell me I had a sour disposition. Of course, I would immediately shout, “Whatever!” and sulk up to my room. That’s how it goes when you’re 14 and emo. All this is to say that when I started working in freight …

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