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How to have a Successful Trade Show

A trade show is a very important milestone for a business. Like a Quinceanera to a young woman, every detail matters and everything needs to be perfect. This is why choosing a freight broker with trade show experience is necessary.

Think of how foolish you will look with nothing in your booth but yourself, and no product or service to offer because your freight was not delivered in a timely fashion. To avoid this, follow these 3 steps on how to have a successful trade show.

how to have a successful trade show
How To Have A Successful Trade Show

Get your freight delivered on time

This sounds like a simple idea, right? Wrong. There are many factors that could derail your happy train. With a good broker, you know that your trade show shipment will be in competent hands. Not all carriers service trade shows because of the long wait times and strict loading and unloading guidelines.

This is where you will need to read your trade show packet to relay your Target Delivery Time and Date to your Account Manager or Sales Rep. If you do not get your freight there on that date and time, fees upwards of hundreds of dollars could be incurred.

Another factor to think about is the carrier. Some carriers are preferred carriers for trade shows, which means the carrier has some agreement to provide their services for that particular event.

Even though a carrier can make a trade show, a preferred carrier will have access to better appointment times and superior treatment. Picking a preferred carrier over the cheaper option can pay off in the long run by avoiding additional fees and delivering your shipment on time.

Sell and Network

This is probably the easiest part of how to have a successful trade show. Here is where you show off your knowledge about the product or service that you are offering.

Remember that nobody knows your product or service better than you do, so make sure you convey your message with enthusiasm.

Your audience will be more willing to listen to what you are saying when you engage and interact with them, and be sure to bring your positive vibes along.

Load up for the next one

Once you are done closing that gagillion dollar deal, you will need to pack up. On to the next one, Jay-Z would say. This is another important detail that you will need to convey over to your logistics partner: your Target Move Out Date. It is imperative that you have everything packed and ready, with a bill of lading to avoid fees.

If a target move out date is missed, then the shipment can be put into a storage facility where it will incur storage charges. If it is not able to be picked up in a relatively quick manner, the convention center can move your freight with whatever carrier they choose, and charge you a rate they see fit. This is bad news, and something a good freight broker will help you avoid.

A trade show is something a business and owner should celebrate. This means popping bottles, not blood vessels (ya know... from frustration).

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