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Shipping Money & Why Freight Isn’t Right For Your Cash

We ship a lot of items at FreightPros. We ship engines, household goods…all sorts of stuff. And though we try to make ourselves available to our customers, to assist them in their daily shipping needs in any way that we can, there are definitely things that we DO NOT SHIP. One of these things is cash money.

shipping money
CC Image Courtesy 401(K) 2012 via Flickr

There are numerous ways to move money, but shipping cash is tougher. Money is easy. Wire transfers, Venmo, Paypal, bank transfers, etc. Technology has brought us into an age where something called BitCoin exists and acts as completely electronic currency. Young kids use credit cards more than cash. People are trying to retire the penny. It’s madness!

And though I don’t think the greenback will be going the way of the dodo anytime soon, our collective reliance on (and the ubiquity of) paper money is changing. So if you’re looking to move a large amount of cash, there are some things you need to think about.

Why doesn’t FreightPros move cash? It’s pretty simple: The freight carriers that we partner with do not accept shipments of cash because these shipments are prone to theft. Next time you’re at the bank, check out the tank-looking truck idling at the curb.

THAT’s the kind of truck that transports cash, that’s into shipping money. Not our carriers. You’ll also find that neither FedEx nor UPS will ship cash (though UPS does say it will move checks).

USPS will ship money, though they highly suggest using money orders that can be replaced in the event of loss or damage. And that’s what it comes down to when you’re shipping money in the form of cash: insurance (though not exactly freight insurance). That’s the thing about dollar bills – there’s no paper trail. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

There are numerous ways to move money around that are easier and more secure than shipping cash. But if you’ve exhausted these options and there’s no alternative to shipping money, your best bet is the post office, money orders, and insurance.


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