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What It Means To Deliver A Quality Freight Experience

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What does it mean to deliver a quality freight experience? It’s a question we get a lot, and a valid one at that. As a (relatively) new team member, I often think back to my first days on the job, when I asked that very same question. What exactly does it mean to deliver a quality freight experience?

On my first day at FreightPros everyone was nice, smart, but most importantly, every single person I met was eager for me to be there and be a part of the team. Driving home that day my brain was racing just to process the influx of new terminology such as liftgates, PRO numbers, and freight class. But one aspect I was excited about included the opportunity to play my part in setting the standard for a quality freight experience.

Our vision statement (to set the standard for a quality freight experience) is something everyone at FreightPros lives by, whether we are helping a brand new client or providing service to a client of 3+ years, the strategy is the same. We are here to put the customer’s needs in full focus so we can find how best to provide top notch support throughout every stage of the shipping cycle.

As every industry is adapting to the fast-paced, technology-driven marketplace, it is more important than ever to be there for each and every customer whether they ship just once or 20 times a week. Our company is built not to react to what our competitors are doing, but to proactively develop better systems that make our customers feel less like clients and more like partners.

It would be virtually impossible for this company to provide exemplary customer support without first providing that support to each other in the work place. We believe with such passion that our vision statement rings loud and true due to the fact that we are providing the quality freight experience to each other on a daily basis.

FreightPros is a growing company, one that is punching well above our weight in delivering success for our customers as well as ourselves.

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