Sheridan Explains It All: Guaranteed Shipments

In part two of our video series, Sheridan explains the process of “guaranteed shipments,” and how they can be useful for your LTL freight shipping.
Video Transcript:

Hey guys, I’m back, and I want to talk about a guaranteed shipment.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch out PRO report video, go to our website and check it out. It’s really informative, and I know you’ll love it. So, what is a guaranteed shipment?

A guaranteed shipment is an additional service offered by the carrier. You can think of it as insurance for your time-sensitive freight. There are two types of guarantees. The first one is the GSS 12 which is delivery by noon, and the second is a standard GSS which is delivery by 5pm.

This service is an additional cost, much like a lift gate or limited access fee. Now, how do you get this service for your shipment? Well, there are two ways you can do that. The first way is if you have access to your online account, go to the customer add shipment tab, then the second page, and it will be under your accessorial section.

If you don’t have access to your online account, you can email or call anybody at the FreightPros office and we’ll be happy to help. Now, there are restrictions to this service.

A carrier will not honor the guaranteed shipment if it’s going to a residence, a limited access, it needs a delivery appointment, it needs to deliver before the estimated transit day, or it’s being delivered by a partner carrier.

All in all, this is all you need to know about a guaranteed shipment. If you have questions, or want more details about this service, call us at the FreightPros office and we’ll be happy to help. That’s it, and happy shipping. 

Logan Theissen

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