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How to Ship Wine Less Than Truckload

how to ship wine less than truckload
cc image courtesy Tnarik Innael via Flickr

How to ship wine? It’s a question as old as Dionysus. Well, not really. But the question of how to ship wine LTL or truckload is a question we get often at FreightPros, and one we’re happy to help with.

The first step? Package, package, package. Most wine comes in glass bottles. You know what breaks easily? Glass bottles!

If you’re going to learn how to ship wine, the first thing you must do is package and wrap it in as much bubble wrap as possible. Put the wrapped bottles in boxes and wrap those. Stuff newspaper to fill up extra space. Do everything you can to ensure that if the wine gets bumped around a bit, it won’t break.

Second step when shipping wine: Find the right freight carrier. Not all freight companies will pickup and deliver wine across certain state lines because of alcohol regulations, so what follows is a list of some of the carriers that we use here at FreightPros to ship wine less than truckload.

If you’re using Saia or Yellow Freight, they’ll be able to move the wine across any of their coverage maps. R&L Freight Carriers, another of our reliable carriers, will be able to move your bottles pretty much anywhere other than New York state or California. If you are on the west coast, check out Oak Harbor freight rates for wine shipping.

We always recommend getting freight insurance to cover your goods from loss or damage, and I can’t stress this enough when it comes to ultra-fragile items like wine. We use a third party insurance agency for our FreightPros shipments, so get with one of our world-class brokers and they’ll hook you up.

The final step of shipping your wine less than truckload? Rip open that box, pop the cork using this $410 corkscrew (I’m kidding – please don’t purchase this item – what kind of world do you want to live in?), and enjoy that bottle or bottles of Malbec or Merlot, California or Texas wine, and toast to your health and happiness.



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