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Yellow Freight: A Common Shorthand for YRC Freight Carriers

yellow freight
Yellow Freight

Yellow Freight is common shorthand for YRC, one of our main carriers that we use here at FreightPros. If you’ve ever shipped with us, you know that Yellow Freight is one of our most reliable carriers. They have an excellent coverage map that stretches across the country, making it easy to ship from New York to California, and everywhere in between.

Yellow Freight is part of the YRC Worldwide Corporation, a logistics company that offers shipping of all kinds across the globe. Though we don’t offer international shipping here at FreightPros, we do rely on their LTL carriers to move many of our customers freight across the fifty states.

What distinguishes Yellow Freight from some of their competitors is their ability to move freight within their own system, regardless of where the pickup and delivery locations are in the continental United States. Some carriers offer similar coverage, but primarily interline their freight.

What this means is that the carrier employs other, smaller regional carriers to fill in the gaps for their freight lanes. This can sometimes cause confusion in freight tracking, pickup, or delivery. Though Yellow Freight does occasionally interline their shipments, they do not do so as often as some of their competitors.

It’s a mixture of world class service, and an extended national (and global) coverage map that keeps us and millions of others using the freight services of a carrier like YRC. Whatever you call them, they’re a good choice to move your freight.


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