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LTL Acronym: What Does “LTL” Stand For?

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Let’s get this LTL acronym business out of the way from the start:


So now that the LTL acronym mystery is solved, we can talk about what “LTL” really means. The LTL acronym is most commonly used in terms of shipping freight. This is different from your basic post office shipping, and even most UPS and Fedex shipping as well.

LTL shipping is often used to ship items that are in excess of 100 pounds. They are palletized using standard sized pallets or even custom made pallets. The “LTL” part is used to distinguish this version of freight shipping from the other common form: full truckload shipping.

Freight Class Explained

The LTL acronym is actually very self-explanatory. If you need to ship freight, but not enough to fill up an entire semi-truck, you’ll want to ship LTL. If you need a full truck, it makes more sense to hire an entire truck. The two forms of freight shipping are completely difference, so it’s important to get a basic understanding of each before you begin to ship.

An easy way to do that? Download our Beginner’s Guide to Freight Shipping. It’s free, and it’ll get you all the information you need to start shipping your freight LTL.

Bike Shipping

LTL shipping can also be a good alternative to moving or moving companies. Check out our blog on how to ship a bed to find out more things able to be shipped via LTL rather than standard parcel shipping.

Now, we can talk about how the LTL acronym isn’t even correct! LTTL, anyone?


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