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Freight Tracking & Knowing Where Your LTL Shipment Is

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Freight Tracking is one of the most important services we offer at FreightPros. Makes sense right? People want to know where their freight is, and as a full-service broker we handle all aspects of our customer’s freight shipments, from claims to your bill of lading. Freight tracking is part of that, and generally there are 5 ways we track shipments. Let’s get down to it…

1. PRO Numbers – To track any sort of freight, you’re going to need a PRO number. A PRO number is the identification number given to the shipment by the carrier once the pickup has been made. Basically, a PRO number is your tracking number.

2. Website Tracking – The most efficient way for both you and your freight broker to track your shipment is through the carrier website. Most national carriers allow you to track your shipment through their website. Input your PRO number, and see where your shipment is and when it will be delivered. The best part is that you don’t have to waste time on hold through the phone, or waiting on an email reply.

3. Email Tracking – If you’re using a freight carrier that doesn’t offer website tracking you can email a carrier customer service rep. Often, customer service reps can reply via email faster than a phone call, and it helps to have a contact at the carrier if you have further questions concerning your shipment.

4. Tracking by Phone – The least efficient way of freight tracking is through the telephone. Why? Hold times, hold times, hold times. Plus, it’s hard to multi-task when you’ve got the phone up to your ear.

5. Nascar – Here at FreightPros we’ve been known to throw our headsets to the ground, grab the keys to the whip, and rush into the bright sunlight of the Austin summer afternoon to chase down a freight driver. You will not miss a pickup for my customer! NOT ON MY WATCH!!!

Of course I’m kidding. This does not happen. Not for FreightPros. Not for anyone. Please don’t ask us to get in our cars and chase down the freight driver because you forgot to put that second box on the pallet. And even though this never happens, there are times when we all REALLY wish we could. It would be save so much time, effort, and energy. And the excitement! High speed chase excitement!

Logan Theissen

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