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Why so many freight delays?

Across the nation, LTL freight volumes are approaching (and in some areas exceeding) pre-Covid levels.  This would be a great thing, but unfortunately many of our LTL carrier partners are running into staffing shortages on both the driver and terminal sides. With an increase of freight and a decrease of staff, missed pickups and delays are happening more often. A few areas of the country are experiencing such limited capacity that some carriers have even implemented embargoes and rate increases.

What does this mean for my freight?   Expect delays!  Unfortunately we’re seeing them across the board-- Pickups may take an extra day, and deliveries may arrive several days behind schedule.  Many carriers are limiting their guaranteed delivery services because they aren’t able to keep up with demand, and others are imposing length restrictions on larger volume-sized shipments.

Can't I just add a guarantee?  Maybe. Typically we'd encourage you to guarantee time-sensitive freight, but in today's COVID environment, many carriers are suspending or modifying their guaranteed programs because they aren't able to keep up with demand.  This varies per carrier; Some carriers have cancelled guaranteed options altogether, and others stopped offering reimbursements in the event of guaranteed delivery failures.  Some carriers still have normal guaranteed delivery protocols in place.

If you have an urgent shipment, let us know before you ship it so we can compare Expedited and Full Truckload options to find the best solution for you.  FreightPros pays close attention to your freight and works hard to identify and solve any issues that may arise, from pickup to delivery to invoicing.  Our vision is to set the standard for a quality freight experience, so let us be your partner during these unprecedented times!

If you have any questions or need help comparing options, reach out to a FreightPros team member anytime.

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