Residential Delivery: LTL Residential Freight Services

residential delivery

  Getting freight picked up from or delivered to a residence is different when shipping LTL than when you’re shipping small package with UPS or Amazon. Part of this has to do with the size of most LTL freight shipments. LTL shipments are rarely a cardboard box that can be left on a doorstep. More …

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What are SCAC codes?

the complete SCAC Code list (2021)

The freight industry loves acronyms. You’ve got FAKs (Freight of all kinds), BOLs (Bill of lading), and PODs (Proof of delivery), just to name a few. If you’re going to be a freight shipper, it’s best to recognize these terms. And though they are not technically acronyms, you’ll also find SCAC codes across documents and tracking …

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The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Best LTL Shipping Provider

LTL shipping is very different than shipping full truckload. Choosing a less-than-truckload shipping provider that can deliver your goods on time and without damage is essential for success. In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the top factors you should consider when shipping LTL, also leveraging data from Mastio’s recent survey for …

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What is Guaranteed LTL Shipping?

semi truck with Title text overlayed

Adding “Guaranteed Standard Service” (GSS) to an LTL shipment can increase your peace of mind when your shipment is time-sensitive. To officially guarantee a shipment with a carrier means that you have agreed to pay an additional fee to make sure the freight arrives on time. By paying this fee, the carrier agrees to deliver …

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