What are SCAC codes?

the complete SCAC Code list (2021)

The freight industry loves acronyms. You’ve got FAKs (Freight of all kinds), BOLs (Bill of lading), and PODs (Proof of delivery), just to name a few. If you’re going to be a freight shipper, it’s best to recognize these terms. And though they are not technically acronyms, you’ll also find SCAC codes across documents and tracking …

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Transportation Management Systems are The Best. Period.

transportation management systems

Anyone who has spent hours reaching out to providers for LTL and volume quotes know how time consuming and stressful that process can be. Time spent waiting for an emailed response to your quote request can make you feel like there’s just not enough time in the day. You’ve got other things to do! While having FreightPros assist …

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Understanding Double Blind Shipments

understanding double blind shipments

  Double blind shipments are TOUGH! When normally you’re using one bill of lading, double blind shipments require as many as three. Three! But they say the first step of recovery is acceptance, so let’s talk about double blind shipping. What Is A Double Blind Shipment? A double blind shipment is an LTL freight shipment …

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Class 50 Freight: Weird things you can ship LTL on Class 50

Class 50 freight

  If you’re a regular LTL freight shipper, you know the complications with freight class. You finally find the right one for your product and then the NMFTA goes and changes it! Maybe they move it from NMFC to density classing! You never know with those pesky NMFTAers. From class 50 to 500, the cheapest …

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FreightPros takes a trip to the SEFL Terminal

  About six months ago I got a call asking to accept a position at FreightPros. I was ecstatic to not only get my first “big girl” job out of college, but also to learn about this industry – one that’s been around for a while and will continue to develop and thrive for years. …

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