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Class 50 Freight: Weird things you can ship LTL on Class 50

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If you’re a regular LTL freight shipper, you know the complications with freight class. You finally find the right one for your product and then the NMFTA goes and changes it! Maybe they move it from NMFC to density classing! You never know with those pesky NMFTAers.

From class 50 to 500, the cheapest class to move your freight with is class 50. Though freight class isn’t the only factor in determining shipping price, shipping class 50 freight is a good way to ship items for cheap. Of course, finding articles to ship on class 50 can be tough.

Lucky for you, FreightPros has put together a list of some common and not so common items that are normally shipped class 50. As always, check with your freight broker before shipping any of this stuff so they can confirm the class and make sure the NFMTA hasn’t changed anything since the publishing of this blog. But this should be a good primer for those of you looking to save some money shipping freight LTL.

LTL Freight to ship using Class 50

– Broken glass AKA “cullet”: NMFC Code 86600, must be in boxes or drums. I’m not sure why anyone would need to ship broken glass. Maybe an art project? Perhaps to melt that glass down to make glass sculptures? Who’s to say?

– Bird food or seed: NMFC Code 23600 Sub 1, must be in boxes or drums. This one’s tricky because to get the lowest class (Class 50 freight) it’s gotta be seed for an outdoor bird, AND it cannot be molded into shapes, figures, or forms. That’s right, if it’s seed for an indoor bird, or little bird feed figurines, don’t even think about shipping Class 50. Nope, that’s Class 60 (probably not a difference in price).

– Manure in bulk: NMFC Code 134010 Sub 2, in bulk in drums. The good news – guano is included in this classification! Also, any other animal or bird. The bad news – if it’s not manure in bulk and it’s in inner containers in boxes, nature’s fertilizer gets bumped up to Class 60.

– Geological samples: NMFC Code 86390. Gotta be earth, sand, or stone on these samples, and another thing; their value can’t exceed five cents per pound. The value has to be on the bill of lading. This has to do with the freight company insurance, and though I don’t know the running value of most dirt samples, it’s something to keep in mind when it comes to shipping this on Class 50.

And there you have it, four strange-ish things you can ship LTL using Class 50 Freight. Check back later for more tips on saving money with Class 60 and beyond. And check out our density calculator to make sure you’re shipping on the right class.


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