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The Solutions Team & 3 Ways to Fix Your LTL Shipping

freight solution specialists
(From left to right): Christie, Sarah, Milo, Erin, Sam, Brittney & Lauren

When I first started with FreightPros I wasn’t sure what to expect. Freight was a brand new world for me and the Solutions Team was new and still being shaped to what it is today: The Dream Team to help our customers navigate the complicated and at times unpredictable world of LTL shipping.

Here are three things that our Solutions Specialists can do for you:

1. Take the everyday stress of navigating the wacky world of freight off of your shoulders.

You have a business to run. Why worry about the minute details of shipping goods your team has poured hours of manpower and resources to manufacturing, when our team is here to assist? Getting your shipment on board with your preferred freight company? Done.

Have a missed pickup and need to know why? We’re on it! Shipment running late and need someone to investigate? We’ve got your back! We are the boots on the ground for you and your business, and dedicate our hours making sure you are taken care of.

2. Act as educators for this complicated LTL freight world.

Our team is standing by to answer your freight questions no matter how complex. Whether it concern classing your freight properly, understanding freight terms and jargon that might be thrown your way, or even determining if our services are the best option for you, we are here to help.

If you throw us a curveball and we aren’t 100% confident on the right answer, we’ll research your question as thoroughly as possible, so we can give you the best answer. Never be afraid to ask for help.

3. Being your advocate to the LTL carriers.

At times, a freight carrier will be…difficult. That’s where we step in. In the event freight is lost or damaged, the claims specialists on our team will assist you in filing freight claims. If a carrier tries to add additional charges for your original quote, our billing specialists will go at bat for you and get down to the bottom of things.

No matter the outcome, our Solutions Specialists will always be your advocate and will help you resolve even the most complicated issues the best way possible.

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