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Customized Freight Solutions: The FreightPros Way

They say no two snowflakes are the same. Instead, they are unique in their patterns and looks. I believe this individuality applies to people as well. And it’s in this vein that our FreightPros believe it’s important to customize your freight experience.

At the end of the day, we work with our clients to formulate a game plan that is both efficient and cost effective. We understand that what works for one client will not necessarily work for another.

We are looking to accomplish a mutually beneficial partnership, one in which customized freight solutions make both the customer and the freight broker more effective in their LTL or full truckload shipping.

As technology progresses, we use analytics to import all sorts of data to educate our customers, and along with our account managers, we formulate a plan to keep the freight news moving and up-to-date. Not all customers are alike. Some want to be more involved than others.

We work to accommodate each of our customer’s needs, whether it be daily updates on tracking, getting freight insurance for particular carriers, or even something as simple as automating pickup notes on the freight bill of lading.

On the other hand, we also have customers who have bigger fish to fry when it comes to running their business, and we get that too! That’s why we’re willing and able to run the majority of your freight shipping, so much that you, the customer, can focus on other aspects of your business that require your attention.

Running a business. Managing the comings and goings of a shipping warehouse. These things are tough. Sometimes it’s nice to trust that your broker will have your back, updating you with only the information that you want.

When it comes to providing you with customized freight solutions, we are able to present a variety of reports that help to streamline the shipping process. Carrier audits give you details such as carrier success rates on hitting estimated transit times, percentages of completed vs. missed pickups, and even the number of damage or loss claims in a quarter.

These reports help us select the right carrier for you!

No two businesses are the exact same, so why should they be forced to work with a freight broker that has nothing but tunnel vision when it comes to the practices of the freight industry? At FreightPros, we want to be something different.

So check out our collection of freight papers, get a freight quote, watch a quick video on our very own delivery report, and see what our brokers can do for you.


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