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GPS Truck Tracking Benefits Customers, Carriers, and Brokers

gps truck tracking

“Where is my truck???”

As a member of the FreightPros Truckload Team, this seemingly simple question can cause the biggest issues. Between cell phone dead zones, sleeping drivers, language barriers, and busy dispatchers, getting a location on a truck can be a headache. However, knowing the current location of our trucks is paramount in making sure our freight stays on schedule.

As the digital age progresses, one solution that is becoming more prevalent is the use of GPS truck tracking systems. GPS tracking used to be a service that only large, asset-based companies could provide, as it was very expensive.

But over the last 5 to 10 years, applications have been popping up that are able to use driver’s cell phones for tracking. This has made GPS tracking a realistic possibility for companies of all sizes. With GPS becoming more common, it is important to understand how it will benefit all parties involved. This includes customers, carriers, and brokers.

GPS Truck Tracking


You have access to the location of your freight in real time. When things are going good, you can rest easy knowing your truck is on schedule. And while delays and breakdowns will always be a part of trucking, most disastrous situations can be avoided with proper communication and expectations. GPS truck tracking gives us another tool to be proactive with our solutions.


The benefits are simple, we’ll bug you less! While carrier relationships are incredibly important to us, we know drivers/dispatchers get sick of us calling all the time for updates. Automated coordinates on the location of trucks limits the number of phone calls and distractions for carriers.


The biggest benefit for us is time. While tracking trucks will always be a large chunk of our day, with GPS we can quickly look at how all of our loads our progressing, and prioritize our day accordingly. It also empowers us with accurate and verifiable information that we then pass on to the customer.

As transportation freight brokers, our goal is to provide the best customer experience through transparent and accurate information. GPS truck tracking is another tool that makes providing a quality freight experience possible.


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