New Penn Freight Shipping Rates

new penn freight shipping rates

New Penn Freight Shipping Rates

FreightPros is very excited to offer great New Penn Freight Shipping Rates. New Penn is a freight carrier that specializes in moving LTL and truckload freight throughout the New England area of the United States. They are associated with YRC, though their rates will be different than if you’re looking for YRC freight shipping rates. You can also get New Penn freight quotes for many of the Mid-Atlantic states. New Penn estimates that 95% of their shipments in the New England and Mid-Atlantic states are next-day delivery, so you’ll have little need for some major freight tracking.

You can also get New Penn freight rates for cross-country shipments, though you’ll have to use other carriers under the YRC wing. If you want to ship freight to the Southeast or Midwest, you’ll be using Holland freight shipping rates. They will even help you with motorcycle shipping.

New Penn shipping quotes will also help you ship freight to Canada and even Puerto Rico. If you need help shipping to Alaska, they can assist you, with special services rendered to make sure your Alaska freight gets to it’s destination safe and secure. New Penn freight shipping rates are competitive with other regional carriers of it’s size, but it has one unique advantage. Since New Penn is part of the YRC Regional Transportation, they can offer their services and freight quotes for much less.

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Though they have the rates of a large national carrier, New Penn freight shipping still has time and room for excellent customer service. They might not have a density calculator on their website, but they have multiple dispatchers and customer service agents ready and willing to help you ship your freight, whether it be help shipping a bed, or even setting up a hot shipment.

New Penn freight shipping rates are some of the best and most reliable in the country. You can always go direct to the carrier, though I would suggest using a third party freight broker to take advantage of their tariffs and contracts. Get a freightquote and ship your freight quick and easy.

New Penn Freight Shipping Rates

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