YRC Freight Shipping Rates

YRC is one of the largest national carriers in the business, and YRC freight shipping rates are very competitive in the marketplace. YRC delivers an extremely high level of service for your LTL or truckload freight shipping costs.

YRC has a coverage map that extends across the entire United States, so wherever you’re shipping, YRC freight quotes should be available to you. There are YRC freight shipping rates for Canada, Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii. Like Roadrunner, YRC does use partner and interline carriers to move some of their freight, though unlike Roadrunner, YRC freight shipping rates are not all done by interline or partner carriers. Instead, there is a large contingent of YRC trucks and drivers that are happy to move your LTL or truckload shipments.

A very helpful tool, and one unique to YRC, is their ability to help with freight class. Freight class can often be a very confusing and misunderstood part of the freight shipping game, but YRC and their website help anyone get the correct freight class to move their LTL shipment. How do they do this? YRC has a website that is very helpful to customers and shippers alike. The best part of this website is the chat feature, where a YRC rep will help you identify the correct class to ship your freight. It’s pretty cool. They can also answer how to ship furniture.

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It’s services like this that make YRC freight shipping rates worthwhile. When you’re talking about YRC freight shipping rates and quality services, you get real value in what you pay for.

To learn more about LTL and truckload freight shipping, check out our logistics blog. Happy Shipping!