Holland Freight Shipping Rates

holland freight shipping rates

We’re proud to offer USF Holland freight quotes, one of the best carriers in the business, and one we’re happy to partner with. Holland is a regional carrier that is part of the larger YRC family. Holland freight shipping rates are competitive in their service area and their team consistently delivers best in class service and sticks to expected transit times. Holland freight shipping quotes can be obtained through your FreightPros shipping representative.

Holland LTL quotes can deliver an extreme amount of value, especially if you’re shipping in the designated area of their coverage map. Holland freight shipping rates are used for a vast majority of the eastern coast. From as far north as Maine to as far west as Minnesota, Holland rate quotes should be available. Their coverage map extends into Georgia in the south as well.

Holland’s freight lanes cover a huge area of eastern Canada, so keep that in mind as they can be very helpful if you’re shipping to our neighbors in the north. Unfortunately, there are no Holland freight shipping rates for Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. There are also no Holland freight shipping rates for Mexico.

Ultimately, Holland freight rates provide service to 12 states directly, and use their sister carrier New Penn for a handful of partner pickups and deliveries in the northeast part of the country. They also provide Holland LTL quotes to two provinces in Canada.

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If you’re looking for a good, solid carrier with competitive rates to similar regional carriers, Holland LTL services might be for you. For more information on LTL and truckload shipping, check out our logistics blog. There you can find help on your freight class issues! And don’t forget to download our newest white paper, 10 Shipping Mistakes, and how to avoid them. Happy Shipping!

Holland Freight Shipping Rates

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