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Why Become a Freight Broker?

why become a freight broker?
Why Become a Freight Broker?

I am often asked why I got into freight. Why become a freight broker? It seems like a niche industry, short on information and pizzazz (though we're working to remedy that short on information bit with our shipping blog and Freight Papers).

I thought my answer to, "Why a freight broker?" was, at the time, pretty simple: I wanted a fast-paced, challenging career, which relied on problem solving. I knew I would be able to make companies more efficient in their business, and that appealed to me. Truthfully though, freight is just one of a hundred different industries that offer those kind of rewards.

So like anyone searching for a long-term career choice, I did my homework. I looked to the future. I reviewed the shipping and freight industry, found where it is today, and more importantly, where it will be in the next 10 to 15 years. What I uncovered sealed the deal in my decision to be a freight broker. Here are some facts to illustrate what I'm talking about:

-82% of all goods in the United States get transported by a truck at some point.

-6.8 million people work in the industry.

-Volumes for truckload (not even including less-than-truckload) are expected to grow 3.2% through 2018, and an additional 1.1% every year through 2024.

- Freight revenue should hit $1.3 TRILLION annually by 2024.

Most of those numbers come from this very cool infographic I found last year, but there's more information all over the web if you want to look. What an industry! I was looking for a career with a real potential for growth (duh), and being a freight broker offered just what I was looking for.

Once I got into the freight brokerage game, I found that building relationships with customers was the most fulfilling part of the job. Sure, it's nice to have the security of growth, but in freight you're making a difference in people's businesses and lives, and that feels good.

I found the perfect spot for me at FreightPros, one of the fastest-growing companies in America, and one who wants to set the standard for a quality freight experience. It's the best of both worlds.

Freight is a real component of American Industry, we talked about it in our blog, Shipping up to Boston. Being a part of something special is what makes being a freight broker a truly rewarding career choice.


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