Same Day Delivery: LTL and Truckload Options

Same Day Delivery

So we get this question all the time: Can I have freight picked up in the morning and delivered in the afternoon of the same day? Answer: If you’re using a freight broker, yes, you absolutely can. If you’re only using an LTL carrier? Unfortunately, that option is not available. Let me explain… When a …

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How & When to Use Intermodal with the Truckload Team

intermodal shipping

Here on the truckload team we use a lot of different equipment to help our customers move their freight. When we’re moving pieces of machinery or tall tanks, we’ll use a flatbed or a stepdeck. When it doesn’t matter how long it takes to arrive at its destination, we can look at partialling the freight to save our …

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Why Become a Freight Broker?

why become a freight broker?

Why Become a Freight Broker? I am often asked why I got into freight. Why become a freight broker? It seems like a niche industry, short on information and pizzazz (though we’re working to remedy that short on information bit with our shipping blog and Freight Papers). I thought my answer to, “Why a freight …

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Know the Basics of Expedited Shipping

expedited shipping

CC image courtesy Wajahat Mahmood    Expedited Shipping is one of the many types of freight shipping we handle here at FreightPros, but we’ve found that some people don’t quite understand the different ways we do this. Today, we’re going to fix that problem. We’re going to learn the basics of expedited shipping for LTL, …

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“Partialling” Full Truckload Shipments

partialling full truckload

  Many of the full truckload shipments that make it over to my team are from customers that normally ship LTL, but for whatever reason they have a sporadic shipment that cannot move via LTL. What if your shipment exceeds the size allotment to ship LTL, or even a volume quote? What if you have …

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