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Same Day Delivery: LTL and Truckload Options

Same Day Delivery
Same Day Delivery

So we get this question all the time: Can I have freight picked up in the morning and delivered in the afternoon of the same day?

Answer: If you’re using a freight broker, yes, you absolutely can. If you’re only using an LTL carrier? Unfortunately, that option is not available. Let me explain…

When a shipment is picked up using LTL carriers, that freight is included with lots of other shipments in the back of a truck. Once the truck is full it returns to the freight terminal, where all the pallets and crates will be unloaded and transferred to different trucks for delivery or further transit.

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With LTL, even if the shipment is in the same city, the freight will always go back to the terminal. If the consignee is geographically close enough to the shipper, it will more than likely be delivered the next day. But same day delivery? Not something that happens with LTL.

But here’s one of the great things about having your own freight broker: A Truckload team has the option to pick up and deliver freight on the same day, and can even “rescue” LTL shipments that are running behind and get them delivered earlier than planned.

If your shipment is time sensitive, a truckload team of brokers can find the right equipment, have the freight picked up at one location, and then immediately have them deliver the freight to the correct consignee. It’s a little different than hot shot carriers, but pretty much the same idea. With truckload freight there’s no stopping at the terminal, or transferring the shipment to another truck.

Additionally, let’s say that your LTL shipment is at the terminal, but isn’t scheduled to be delivered that day. Our full truckload team can find and schedule a truck on our own to go to the terminal, pick up the freight, and have it delivered later that day. This is called “rescuing” a shipment, and though there are additional charges, it can be done.

Same day delivery is fairly common in the freight world, you just have to know the basics. LTL shipping, because of the mechanics of the industry, does not offer same day delivery. But full truckload shipping absolutely does.

If you’re in need of same day delivery, reach out to your freight broker’s truckload department. They might be able to get you a quote, and get your shipment picked up and delivered all in one day.


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