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3 Words You Might Not Know from the Freight Dictionary

freight dictionary
The Freight Dictionary

Do you consider yourself a freight dictionary? Are you a walking, breathing, shipping glossary?

You probably answered, “umm…nope,” to both of those questions. But one of the great things about being a freight broker is learning new stuff. That’s basically what this blog is for!

Freight is a big industry and there’s lots of vernacular and vocabulary that the layman won’t recognize. So here’s 3 words that you probably didn’t know from the freight dictionary:

Truck in hand: This one is from our FreightPros truckload team. They basically have their own freight glossary over there. The term “truck in hand” means a driver/carrier/operator has been selected and has accepted (and is ready to pick up) the shipment.

No calling around after a quote, looking for a driver to move the freight. “Truck in hand” means we’re already got one for you.

Load bars: We use load bars all the time, especially for customers moving stuff that needs to be stable. Load bars are used to keep freight in place for shipments, so that boxes, pallets, and bundles stay secure.

Dunnage: Even as freight words go, “dunnage” is a pretty weird word. What’s it mean? Seems like it has something to do with…trash? Nope. “Dunnage” is material (most often wood or empty boxes) used to block and brace shipments on a trailer.

It’s like big freight packing peanuts – but for a whole truck.

So there you have it: 3 new words from the mysterious freight dictionary. Want more freight terms? Check out the blog for more shipping terms. And don’t forget to download The Beginner’s Guide to Freight Shipping for FREE!


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