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Best Freight Brokers Provide Top Service

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I often think of the shipping industry as a giant clock. There’s an assortment of levers, gears, and hammers that have to sync together perfectly to ensure the correct time. If even one of these pieces malfunctions or breaks, it renders the entire device mute and then it’s time for a trip to your friendly neighborhood watch maker / repairman.

In this vein, our FreightPros act as repair and maintenance workers for the shipping world. We didn’t build the roads, trucks, or pallets, but when it comes to fixing and maintaining your shipments, we make sure the machine stays up to date and well-oiled.

Our main priority is to get your freight from points A to B as quickly and smoothly as possible, so without further adieu, here are the TOP 5 REASONS TO USE THE BEST FREIGHT BROKERS!

5. They Make Shipping Convenient – The best freight brokers use a customized online system that has been specifically created to better serve their customers and their freight shipping needs. All you need is a computer and an internet connection, and you can ship all day long, not having to worry about phone calls or waiting on emails.

Check out this video of our own customized quoting and shipping system. See how easy it is? So whether day or night, from your living room to your office, you can track, trace, and set up shipments at your leisure.

4. They Are Experts In The Freight World – Like any evolving industry, there are always upgrades and changes taking place within the shipping world. Is your shipping class and NMFC up to date? Has the national limit for driver’s hours changed, affecting the transit time of your freight?

These are questions that you don’t have to worry about when using a freight broker, as we make it our goal to always stay on top of the most up to date shipping rules, codes, and improvements.

3. Freight Brokers Ship Nationally and Regionally – Due to their many carrier relationships, freight brokers have the ability to use both national and regional carriers to ship customer freight. Many times a regional carrier will have better pricing for particular regional lanes, and freight brokers are always searching for new and better lanes.

2. They Have The Best Pricing In The Business – Because of the large quantity of shipments that they handle, the best freight brokers are supplied with better rates from the carrier than individual business owners. Much like buying in bulk, broker rates and an LTL freight quote from them will consistently cheaper than you would get if you were to reach out to the carrier on your own.

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1. Peace of Mind – The best freight brokers feel there’s nothing more important than taking care of their customers and making them feel as comfortable and informed about their shipping as is possible. Why worry about your company’s shipping when you can feel confident that orders and freight will be delivered and handled appropriately?

Why waste a Friday afternoon haggling to get freight delivered when you could be at happy hour? When using a freight broker you can concentrate on the things that matter, and leave the shipping up to the professionals.

If you’re still wondering what a freight broker can offer YOU, hop over to our freight school videos and let our very own Stacey Hartwig break it down for you. Happy Shipping!


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