Top Reasons to Use a Freight Broker

Want to know why your business should utilize a freight broker to move its goods? Stacey gives three quick advantages to using a broker instead of working with a carrier directly.



My name is Stacey Minarcik, and I’m the enterprise account manager for FreightPros.

Today, we’re going to talk about the three main reasons why it’s more beneficial for shippers to work with freight brokers versus going carrier direct.

Number one, freight brokers have already done all of the leg work to develop relationships with thousands of carriers across the country.

This is great, because it saves time from you having to develop those relationships yourself.

Number two. When we’re dealing with a freight broker, it’s almost like hiring your own personal freight manager. It gives you time to concentrate on other aspects of your business, while a quality broker will create your bill of leadings, schedule you’re pickups, track your orders, and also audit your invoices before sending them to you.

Number three. The pricing rocks. Freight brokers will typically pull all of their customers volumes together underneath one account to negotiate higher discounts that are then passed on to you. OK.

So those are the top three reasons of why you should us a freight broker over going carrier direct. Again, my name is Stacey Minarcik, and I’m the enterprise account manager for FreightPros.

Make sure to check us out at I feel like there’s a lot that I left out. Or is that OK?

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