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An Inside Look Into the Transition From FreightPros to Becoming NTG’s LTL Solution

Can you give us a look into how FreightPros came to be and its strategic placement in less than truckload shipping?

LTL shipping is an important segment of the logistics industry. We wanted to stand out and become the “go-to” LTL shipping provider by offering a service platform that transcended the typical co-monetized deal of other brokers/carriers and customer relationships. The LTL market had not been heavily targeted in the digital space, so we knew that we could leverage online outreach to create a market opportunity and deliver leading service to our customers. FreightPros powered by NTG stands out in the LTL shipping space by serving as an extension of our customers’ transportation departments, providing seamless operational support. In addition, we provide optimal LTL shipping rates with our diverse regional and national LTL carrier partnerships. By equipping our team with advanced technology and data, we’re able to bring efficiencies to our customers and lead the LTL space through service and scale.

What made NTG stand out as a partner to the FreightPros team?

Everyone at NTG brought such full energy and commitment to our team and the decision to join NTG was an easy one. There are synergies that we have with NTG that we didn’t see anywhere else. It was clear to us that the entire NTG team is very passionate about its internal culture and invests in the professional development of its team members. That was very important to us as we have strived from the beginning to establish a strong internal company culture. Throughout the integration phase, everyone at NTG leaned in to make the transition as seamless as possible. By fully becoming NTG’s LTL Solution, we’re able to enhance NTG’s service offerings and provide an advanced LTL platform that will allow for more comprehensive service offerings for our existing and prospective customers.

Tell us about your overall experience with the transition from FreightPros to FreightPros powered by NTG?

FreightPros completed the transition of becoming NTG’s LTL Solution after its sister company, Transportation Insight, originally acquired FreightPros in December of 2019. Our teams worked tirelessly to streamline opportunities by aligning our FTL and LTL synergies and adding significant value to current and prospective customers. As a result, we’re able to bring our extensive carrier network and over a decade of LTL shipping experience to NTG’s diverse shipper base and strong 3PL foothold in the industry.
To read NTG’s official press release on FreightPros powered by NTG, click here.

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