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Shipping Money & Why Freight Isn’t Right For Your Cash

shipping money

We ship a lot of items at FreightPros. We ship engines, household goods…all sorts of stuff. And though we try to make ourselves available to our customers, to assist them in their daily shipping needs in any way that we can, there are definitely things that we DO NOT SHIP. One of these things is […]

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Federal Express Shipping Rates | Get Better LTL Rates

federal express shipping

Federal Express shipping rates are some of the best in the small package or parcel shipping game. Everyone knows this. But, you ask, I’ve never heard of “Federal Express.” It sounds like something familiar but…oh wait…FEDeral EXpress. Right. Federal Express shipping AKA FedEx shipping is one of the largest movers of freight on the planet. […]

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Residential Delivery: LTL Residential Freight Services

residential freight services

  Getting freight picked up from or delivered to a residence is different when shipping LTL than when you’re shipping small package with UPS or Amazon. Part of this has to do with the size of most LTL freight shipments. LTL shipments are rarely a cardboard box that can be left on a doorstep. More […]

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Post Office Shipping vs Less Than Truckload

A quick peak at Wikipedia will inform you that the United States Postal Service was founded in 1971. That will seem a bit late, but keep reading and you’ll learn it was preceded by a number of independent courier organizations such as the United States Post Office (USPO) in 1775. In 1792, the Post Office […]

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