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Federal Express Shipping Rates | Get Better LTL Rates

federal express shipping
Federal Express Shipping

Federal Express shipping rates are some of the best in the small package or parcel shipping game. Everyone knows this. But, you ask, I’ve never heard of “Federal Express.” It sounds like something familiar but…oh wait…FEDeral EXpress. Right.

Federal Express shipping AKA FedEx shipping is one of the largest movers of freight on the planet. Along with UPS, they make up the majority of the small packaged courier industry. But what you might not know about is the Federal Express shipping rates for LTL and Fedex volume.

We’ve discussed that regular LTL shipments are not the same as Amazon,  small package UPS, Post Office shipping, or small package FedEx. LTL shipments are commonly heavier, use pallets, freight class, and sometimes charge extra for residential delivery services. And while there are hundreds of carriers both big (R & L Freight) and small (New Penn) that service primarily LTL, Federal Express Shipping also has LTL rates.

But how does the pricing work for Federal Express shipping? This is often a lane by lane situation, but our Account Executives spend hours on the phone getting us better contracts with carriers both regional and national that focus primarily (or some cases solely) on LTL shipping, rather than small package or full truckload rates.

And while Federal Express certainly has good rates and excellent service, that doesn’t mean that other carriers don’t have a coverage map. Carriers such as Roadrunner or Central Freight have hundreds of terminals spread out across the country, not to mention contracts with tons of other carriers for interline purposes.

Different carriers are better for different things. Some are regional, some are national, some are faster transit, and some slower – it just depends what you’re looking for!

If you’ve never tried to get a quote using one of our fleet of LTL carriers such as Federal Express shipping, contact us and we’ll answer all your questions. A broker handles all aspects of your freight shipments, and that includes getting you the best price available.

See how much time and money you'll save by having our pros help manage your freight.