Central Transport Freight Shipping Rates

Central Transport is a national carrier with freight shipping rates and a coverage map that extends to all parts of the continental United States and even into Canada. At FreightPros, we are proud to offer you the best Central Transport freight shipping quotes in the business.

Freight Terms Everyone Should Know

Central Transport is one of the largest carriers that we work with. They have hubs and terminals across the country, and are always willing and ready to move both LTL and truckload freight.  They even ship freight via rail.

Central Transport LTL quotes are some of the lowest in the industry. These low freight shipping prices are available to any and all freight shippers and brokers, though a third party freight broker will often have special contracts with freight carriers such as Central Transport. This allows them to pass on great savings to their customer.

Central Transport freight rates are as easy to get as any LTL carrier (and easier than some). The Central Transport website also makes it easy to file freight claims and track in transit LTL shipments. Central Transport freight rates allow you all access to your freight tracking.

Are You Making One Of These 5 Common Shipping Mistakes?

Another difference between Central Transport and other freight carriers is the method used by Central Transport to class the items that they carry. Freight class can be confusing for anyone, and we have a great blog post that explains freight class in most LTL shipments. However, for Central Transport, all freight is classed based on density. This is unique to Central Transport freight quotes. We can help with changes for produce season shipping 2015, as well.

Central Transport freight quotes are great, but as with any shipment, if its fragile or particularly expensive, I would suggest buying additional freight insurance. Central Transport does offer wonderful claim assistance in the event of damage or loss.

For more information on Central Transport freight shipping rates, along with LTL and truckload shipping, check out our sweet logistics blog. Happy shipping! And don’t forget to get a freightquote today.