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Tradeshow Shipping : 5 Things You Must Know

tradeshow shipping
See, not so hard?
Tradeshow shipping can be a real problem with LTL freight, as there are a number of things you have to keep in mind to successfully avoid major additional fees. It’s not really all that surprising that tradeshow pickups and deliveries can wreck havoc on your freight game. Depending on the size of the tradeshow, there are going to be trucks running in and out constantly, people moving and grooving – it’s a mess! But fear not, follow these quick tips for your tradeshow shipping, and you’ll be able to rest easy. And for easy reference, download the Tradeshow Shipping Freight Paper. 1. BOL at Pickup The BOL used at pickup is CRUCIAL to the success of your tradeshow shipment. On the freight bill of lading used at the time of pickup, you’ll need the following information visible and easy to read:
  • The physical address of the building or complex hosting the tradeshow.
  • The specific name of the tradeshow the shipment is going to. Sometimes multiple tradeshows are hosted at the same time, in the same vicinity.
  • The tradeshow booth name and number.
  • Show decorator and phone number.
All of this information should be in the packet given to the company participating in the tradeshow, but it also needs to be organized and written on the BOL used at pickup. 2. Freight Carrier Tradeshow shipping requires certain permits and paperwork that some regional and smaller carriers do not possess. It’s important to make sure the freight carrier you are using can and will participate in tradeshow shipping. Otherwise, you might end up with stranded freight, and then you might have to worry about storage or disposition charges (which are an expensive pain). 3. Freight Class In our previous freight class explanations, we’ve discussed the complications of freight class. The good news is ANY ITEM PICKING UP OR DELIVERING TO A TRADESHOW WILL BE CLASS 125. This means that your tradeshow shipment might be cheaper or more expensive depending on the usual class of the item that you’re shipping. 4. Delivery Window Each carrier that has permission to deliver to the tradeshow will have a designated date and time for their delivery. It’s important that the freight is at the destination the day BEFORE this delivery date. This way they can set up a delivery appointment. Once a tradeshow delivery appointment is missed, the carrier must contact the tradeshow authority and set up a new appointment, delaying the delivery and possibly missing the tradeshow completely. 5. Tradeshow Shipping Storage The madness of tradeshow shipping doesn’t end when the freight is dropped off. Once the tradeshow ends, it’s imperative to pick up your freight or shipment as soon as possible, otherwise it might be sent to tradeshow storage. When a tradeshow ends, and leftover booths are moved out and sent to a separate storage location. Know when the tradeshow ends, and make plans to get your freight picked up and moved out in a timely manner.

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