What is Guaranteed LTL Shipping?

What is Guaranteed LTL Shipping

Adding “Guaranteed Standard Service” (GSS) to an LTL shipment can increase your peace of mind when your shipment is time-sensitive. To officially guarantee a shipment with a carrier means that you have agreed to pay an additional fee to make sure the freight arrives on time. By paying this fee, the carrier agrees to deliver …

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LTL Acronym: What Does “LTL” Stand For?


  Let’s get this LTL acronym business out of the way from the start: LTL Acronym = LESS-THAN-TRUCKLOAD.  So now that the LTL acronym mystery is solved, we can talk about what “LTL” really means. The LTL acronym is most commonly used in terms of shipping freight. This is different from your basic post office …

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