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Freight in Spanish: The Importance of Being Bilingual in Shipping

freight in spanish
Communication is Key

Like any good office, the FreightPros workplace mirrors our industry. This means the craziness of shipping bleeds into the office noise of freight tracking calls, sales, and the hustle and bustle of providing customer service in a hectic industry. In all this messy noise, it’s not uncommon to hear Spanish being spoken.

We’ve talked about the power of communication in freight, and having Pros that can fluently speak Spanish is a very important tool in our ability to communicate with customers and carriers alike. Living in Texas, it’s important to speak Spanish anyway. It’s a big part of the culture in this state. Throw in the fact that the three biggest states for freight are Texas, California, and Florida, and it becomes a hazard if you DON’T speak Spanish in some capacity. You’re missing out on relationships, and you’re losing business.

Freight is a billion dollar industry. It employs a ton of people, and there are large numbers that are more comfortable speaking Spanish. If you’re trying to be successful in an industry where you can’t communicate, chances are, you’re going to fail. “Freight” in Spanish is flete, but freight in Spanish is more than just a word, and as a broker we deal with the relationships between customer and broker, broker and carrier, and even customer and carrier. We need to be fluid, and part of that fluidity is being masters at communication.

It’s no secret that the United States is becoming more multi-cultural by the day, and though the politics of this shift can be delicate and complex, the importance of communication is pretty simple. It’s very important! Speaking both Spanish and English has been a growing trend for years now, and there’s no signs of it stopping.

And to be honest, it’s a good thing that being bilingual is becoming more prevalent in education and with our youth. We’ve long lagged behind some parts of the world in putting an importance on being able to speak multiple languages. Technology has opened up commerce and information in a way that it has become necessary for us to step into the multi-language ring.

By having FreightPros that can use Spanish to communicate with drivers, dispatchers, and customers, we can cultivate better relationships. It helps us with everything from quotes to expedited shipping. We can provide better customer service. We take communication seriously, and freight in Spanish, flete, is part of that.


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