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First Freight Shipments: A FreightPros LTL Checklist

first freight shipment checklist
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First freight shipments can be scary. LTL is not for the faint of heart, and it starts right from the beginning. Is my freight packaged correctly? Do I have the right insurance? Am I using the right carrier? The right bill of lading? When will the driver make the pickup? The delivery?

These are valid questions, and at FreightPros, we have the answers. We also have a customized First Shipment Process that we enact with all our new customer’s first shipments. This enables both broker, and customer, to get off on the right foot when it comes to first freight shipments.

Here’s a checklist for your first freight shipment in LTL, and some ways that FreightPros assists the process.

Is my freight packaged correctly? This one is easy. Is it palletized, or crated? If you’re shipping boxes, are they wrapped and secured on the pallet? Depending on the commodity, is it safely secured for LTL shipping? Check out our blogs on standard-sized pallets, and the 65% pallet rule for more packing info.

Do I have the right insurance? We REALLY push our customers to get third party freight insurance. Read the blog for details about why, but quickly, we’ve found that the carrier insurance often does not have sufficient coverage for expensive items. It’s not too expensive most of the time, and peace of mind is worth it.

What about my Bill of Lading (BOL)? Bills of lading are some of the most important parts of freight. Check out our blog on freight bill of ladings for more information. And ALWAYS use the customized FreightPros BOL at the time of pickup to avoid delays in transit.

When will the driver make the pickup? Standard LTL procedure dictates that most deliveries are done in the morning, and most pickups are in the afternoon. Of course, exceptions exist for certain circumstances, but afternoon pickups are a good benchmark to hold. With FreightPros, your first freight shipment will be monitored with ETAs up to three hours before the “shipper” close time, to confirm the freight is on board for pickup.

When will my freight deliver? It’s important to remember that LTL shipping deals in “estimated transit times.” Unless you’re willing to pay extra for guaranteed freight service, pickups and deliveries are not a 100% certainty. This sounds ominous, but it’s really not. Especially with our first freight shipments, we make sure to use the best carriers (with the best pickup and delivery success rates), and using ETAs and freight tracking, we make sure to handle your first freight like the professionals we are. We can also look at expedited shipping. It’s right there in the name: FreightPros!


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