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10 Shipping Mistakes – A FreightPros Whitepaper

Here at FreightPros, we take pride in creating good content for our past, present, and future customers. What is good content? For us, it’s a mixture of informative, fun to read freight news, and culture pieces profiling our team, our culture, and the place we call home:

Austin, TX. In the vein of the former, we’re proud to present our first “Freight Paper” AKA freight white paper, “10 Stupidest Freight Shipping Mistakes.”

But let’s back it up a bit; what’s a “white paper?”

Glad you asked. A white paper is essentially a guide to solving a problem. They are informative pieces of content that can be used to help consumers better understand or avoid a particular problem or issue that rises from the oven of their particular industry.

They differ from your average blog post by delivering more in-depth information than is usually included in blogs, as the length of most white papers is at least five pages, and will go up from there. Not quite a blog post, not yet an e-book; that is the way of the white paper.

Now you’re probably asking, “Tell me more about these ‘Freight Papers’?”

You got it. First off, you can find them here…

10 shipping mistakes
Main Page….Drop Down from LEARN…There you’ll find Freight Papers

That’s right, they’re right on the main homepage. Simply go to the LEARN drop down menu and you’ll find you have options of selecting our freight shipping guide, checking out our badass logistics blog, and now accessing our collection of white papers. That’s where you’ll find something like this…

10 shipping mistakes
Freight Paper

So know that you know WHERE to find our freight white papers, let’s talk about our 10 shipping mistakes, or, WHAT you’ll find in this particular freight paper.

I don’t want to ruin the surprise, you’ll have to download the freight paper to find out for yourself, but overall you can expect simple tips designed to make your LTL and truckload shipping operate at a higher level.

Shipping mistakes happen every day, but if you pay attention to a few little things, you can cut down on your 10 shipping mistakes without much effort. That’s what our freight paper is designed for.

I’ll check back shortly as we release more freight white papers concerning shipping mistakes and other everyday issues our customers run into during their work weeks. In the meantime, make sure to download our 10 shipping mistakes white paper, available here. It’s free, it’s easy, and there’s no reason not to have this white paper.

If you download the 10 Stupidest Freight Shipping Mistakes white paper, you’ll learn something you didn’t know before. I guarantee it.


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