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Austin Angels Love Box 2017

We are right at the door of the Holiday Season, so as we give thanks with family and friends, let the Season of Giving spark a warm, fuzzy feeling. FreightPros has partnered with Austin Angels to make a foster family’s holidays memorable. Austin Angels’ mission is to walk alongside foster children and their caretakers by […]

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Intermodal Shipping: A Different Way to Move Freight

  Contrary to popular belief, intermodal shipping is not rail shipping. The process of getting freight quotes, moving freight, transit times, etc., is completely different from rail. Rail/tracks access is a must for shipping via rail. Obviously, not many shippers have this access. We use intermodal shipping to get around this. Intermodal Shipping is a […]

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20 Companies That Are Changing The Future of Shipping

Not so long ago, “the future,” was flying cars and hoverboards (no…like…real hoverboards). Before Marty McFly and Doc, “the future,” was putting a man on the moon. Before that, the steam engine. Etc. Etc. Etc. The future is always changing, and always transforming – in ways both big and small – how we exist. You […]

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We Hired a New Director of Sales!

Happy Martin Luther King Day! The freight industry is humming along in its usual way, but if you’re one of the lucky ones that gets the day off, enjoy it. Go see a movie. I heard there is a new one out about stars and wars and whatever. We’ve got some great news here at […]

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Shipping News Roundup – December 2015

shipping news december 2015

With 2016 right around the corner, FreightPros wanted to start a new blog series that taps into the freight and shipping news that is happening not only in our corner of the world (Austin, TX), but also a national and even at times global “roundup” of recent news articles related to the freight/shipping industry. At […]

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Updated Freight Guide for Beginner’s Available Now!

Beginner's Guide to Freight Shipping

After months of hard work, we’re proud to release the updated Beginner’s Guide to Freight Shipping Version 2.0. This new ebook has been updated for 2016, and is available for FREE DOWNLOAD HERE. So what’s new? What’s been updated from the original (and successful) Beginner’s Guide to Freight Shipping? Well, here’s a few things: Lean […]

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FreightPros Fastest-Growing Company: ABJ Fast Fifty 2015

fast fifty 2015 freightpros

For the second year in a row, FreightPros was included in the Austin Business Journal’s “Fast Fifty” for 2015 .This list includes the fastest-growing companies in Central Texas, with a gala at the Hyatt Regency Austin for the participants. That gala occurred last night and we’re proud to report FreightPros finished 23rd in the large company […]

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Your Fantasy Football Team is like the Freight World

You made the wrong picks. There, I said it. Your team is on the ropes. But that’s okay because mine is too, and the other teams in your league probably are too. Chances are you made some suspect picks from the third round on. Your bold and brash decision to pick up the wideout that […]

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Freight in Spanish: The Importance of Being Bilingual in Shipping

freight in spanish

Like any good office, the FreightPros workplace mirrors our industry. This means the craziness of shipping bleeds into the office noise of freight tracking calls, sales, and the hustle and bustle of providing customer service in a hectic industry. In all this messy noise, it’s not uncommon to hear Spanish being spoken. We’ve talked about […]

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FreightPros is One of the Fastest Growing Companies in America : Inc. 5000 List

fastest growing companies in america

For the third year in a row, FreightPros has been selected as part of the Inc. 5000 list profiling the fastest-growing companies in America. Paired with our recent nomination as a finalist for the 2015 Greater Austin Business Awards, it’s been cool to have our hard work noticed by both local and national institutions. For […]

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Communication Month at FreightPros

communication month

Recently, we had our first Communication Month at FreightPros! Continued learning and development are very important to us and our team, so we decided to dedicate an entire month to fostering better communication skills. How we communicate matters, and we wanted to open up a dialogue about the ways we communicate with one another, and […]

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Setting the Standard for a Quality Freight Experience

freightpros management

A few weeks ago, the FreightPros management team went through a great company offsite. The major topic of the day was to revisit our company Vision and Mission statements, and I’m proud to announce what came out of that day. As FreightPros has evolved over time, the purpose of the company has changed rather drastically. […]

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