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Missed Freight Pickups

That time my freight pickup was missed. Remember that moment when you needed to get to the store before it closed, but just couldn’t make it in time? It’s not fun for anyone but sometimes things happen in life that are just out of our control. Unfortunately, it’s not much different in the world of […]

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Austin’s Ridesharing Battle

austin's ridesharing battle

In December, Austin City Council voted to require vehicle-for-hire drivers to pass fingerprint-based background checks. Companies like Uber and Lyft were not happy, and threatened to pull their services from the Austin area, just as they had done when places like San Antonio passed similar restrictions. Customers and drivers alike were not happy with the […]

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Setting the Standard for a Quality Freight Experience

freightpros management

A few weeks ago, the FreightPros management team went through a great company offsite. The major topic of the day was to revisit our company Vision and Mission statements, and I’m proud to announce what came out of that day. As FreightPros has evolved over time, the purpose of the company has changed rather drastically. […]

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Austin has no HazMat routes…This is a problem

hazmat route austin

If you’ve driven through a large city, traffic and all, you may have seen signs denoting specific lanes for trucks carrying HazMat materials. They’re often set up around exits and major highways, loudly shouting for truck drivers to get off the interstate if they’re carrying HazMat material. “HazMat,” stands for “Hazardous Material,” by the way. Thought […]

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Texas Produce Shipping 2015 : FreightPros Produce Season Series

texas produce shipping 2015

This is the first of our week-long blog series on Produce Season Shipping 2015! Part II covers changes for 2015 produce season shipping, while Part III deals with capacity and truckload pricing during produce season. And don’t forget to download some free Freight Papers, such as our LTL & Truckload Equipment Guide. Cotton is king: […]

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Lyft Lands at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

lyft lands in austin

If you haven’t caught up with our blog series on ride-sharing organizations, click here for How Does Uber REALLY Work? and Lyft vs Uber. And now, some developing news on the eve of SXSW… Lyft has been cleared to operate at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Uber has NOT. Shots fired! With around 376,000 SXSW participants last […]

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Uber vs Lyft | Ride-Shares in Austin

uber vs lyft

Now that Austin has legalized ride-sharing programs after a lengthy back and forth between city, citizens, and cab drivers its time to get the facts straight about these and other TNCs. First off, what is a TNC? Good question, right? TNC stands for Transportation Network Company. The two main players in this game are Lyft […]

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How Does Uber Work?

how does uber work?

***Click here to check out our NEW Uber vs Lyft piece. What is Uber? How does Uber work? These are the questions. Recently there has been a lot of talk about “ridesharing,” in Austin. Is this the new Mopac Express lane? No. Some new, all-encompassing car pool program? Unfortunately not. Ridesharing refers to a series […]

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