Shipping Alcohol: The Rise of Craft Breweries

Craft brewing has quickly grown from a cottage industry to a multimillion-dollar commerce segment that seems poised to bring down, or at least challenge, the giants in a well-established market. Brewers spring up all the time, and the Brewers Association notes that most Americans find themselves living within 10 miles of a craft brewer. That’s fairly amazing when you consider that just six years ago, in 2012, two companies produced 90 percent of America’s beer.

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Local Eating Challenges: Geographic and Seasonal Food Realities and the Slow Food Movement

The “eat local” movement is a resounding and powerful force in the food industry. Locavores love to eat local as a way of life, as an ethos, and because they believe it’s healthier and the food tastes better. One measurable result of this movement is the number of registered farmers markets: In 1994, there were under 2,000 of them — by 2014 there were over 8,000. That year, local foods accounted for about $11.7 billion in sales, and that number should climb to $20.2 billion by 2019.

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Austin Angels Love Box 2017

We are right at the door of the Holiday Season, so as we give thanks with family and friends, let the Season of Giving spark a warm, fuzzy feeling. FreightPros has partnered with Austin Angels to make a foster family’s holidays memorable. Austin Angels’ mission is to walk alongside foster children and their caretakers by offering consistent support through intentional giving, relationship building and mentor-ship. The Love Box program is an opportunity to take further action by connecting with other dedicated volunteers and creating a pathway of hope for children in the foster care system. This mimics some of our Core Values at FreightPros, SuPReBaD; Support, Produce, Respect, Balance, Develop. Family is a big part of FreightPros, so we are going to be including the foster family of “K, J and J”. This Holiday Season, please consider partnering with FreightPros to give this family a holiday season that dreams are made of. Here you will find a link to the Amazon wishlist for the family filled with products that fit the age and needs of the foster child and family. By all means, this is not a be-all-end-all list, use it as a guide to find something similar. On the third week of December, we will be hand delivering the items to the happy family. From the FreightPros Family to yours, have a Happy Holiday Season!!!

FreightPros One of the Best Places to Work in Austin

BPTW logo starburst FreightPros has a pretty simple formula for success: make customers our number one priority. It’s not BS that we need money to keep the lights on, to operate, but those dollar bills are directly correlated to how we treat our customers. If we were like some other freight brokers, we’d supply the cheap freight quote and send you on your way. Damaged freight? Good luck. Invoice discrepancy? Take it up with the carrier. By taking care of our customers, we’ve proudly received some honors: Austin’s Fast Fifty 2015 two years running, three years of the Inc. 5000 list, and Greater Austin Business Awards 2015. All of these are great, but we wouldn’t have them without our customers, and each one of us know it. It’s never easy to run a business, especially one that’s trying to create its own particular niche in an otherwise enormous industry such as freight shipping. But by putting our customers first, even when it’s tough, we commit to creating the sort of company that we can be proud of, one that grows along with our team members, our customers and their businesses. All of this is to say that we’re extremely happy to be selected as one of the best places to work in Austin 2016. It’s pretty cool, not going to lie. The Austin Business Journal announced the list of Austin’s Best Places to Work 2016 in a superhero-themed bash at the Hyatt Regency Austin last week. FreightPros was selected at no.14 in the small companies (25-49 Employees) category. There are a number of reasons why this is awesome:
1.) We are one of the best places to work in Austin. Austin is one of the best places to work in the country (just look at all the people/companies moving here). Ergo, we are one of the best places to work in the country. 2.) We’re one of the best places to work and we’re a freight company. The freight industry is a lot of things, but it’s rarely “cool.” Being selected to this sort of list validates the hard work our team does in forging a company culture that is unique, hip, professional, and fun.
And in perhaps the most important part of the event, FreightPros took home the award for Best Costumes. That’s right, check it: IMG_0657 Lot of things happening in that picture…Power Ranger… ANYWAY, it’s great to be one of the best places to work in Austin. We’re proud of it, and we’re going to make it a priority to move on up the list next year. Going to work every morning (and sitting in traffic) can be a pain, but by wearing superhero costumes and taking care of customers, we make it worth it.
meet a pro lindsay wahlquist

Meet a Pro – Lindsay Wahlquist Interview

snappa_1460042722 If you’re going to work with someone, if you’re going to trust them with aspects of your business, you better get to know them. How else are you going to trust them? That’s the idea behind our “Meet a Pro” Interview Series. Get to know our FreightPros, our company, and the individuals that make up our teams and take care of our customers. Today, we’re talking with Lindsay Wahlquist about California, Baja vs Tex-Mex, SNL skits, and little angel babies floating from the ceiling… FP: Give me a quick description of what you do at FreightPros?
Bath, England
Bath, England
LW: I am an Executive Assistant to our president, Chris Clever, as well as Office Manager. Basically, I provide administrative support to Chris or whoever else needs it, and….I have way too much fun at work. I plan company events, handle the logistics of rewards, happy hours, etc. Recently, I converted an unused portion of the office into a nap room, which is exactly like what it sounds. I try to think of my job as being the constant bearer of good news, which is basically the best job in the world for me. FP: What’d you do before you were nap room architect extraordinaire? LW: I moved to Austin and started working for FreightPros a little over a year ago. I moved here from Los Angeles, California (10 years) by way of Weston, West Virginia (20 years). I went from small town to a huge city, and then settled down somewhere in between. I’m the Goldilocks of moving. Hopefully bears don’t run me out of Austin. FP: Hmmm…a sorta-Californian. Lots of Californians running around our fair city of Austin these days. How do the two cities compare? LW: Everything is bigger in Texas. Like parking lots. You can actually park at Trader Joe’s in Austin, which is pretty great. The cost of living in LA is outrageous, and while Austin’s is going up as more people move here, it’s still nothing compared to LA. What else? In California they have Baja Mexican food, and here it’s all Tex-Mex. Getting used to all the queso has been an adjustment. As crap as traffic is here, it’s much worse there. That’s why Angelinos always talk about traffic. The SNL skit, The Californians, is soooo dead on.
The Madonna Inn
The Madonna Inn
FP: Gotta go with Tex-Mex versus Baja. Speaking of food, what’s your desert island meal(s)? Something you couldn’t live without? LW: My absolute favorite food is strawberries, but I have a few favorite meals. My husband’s burgers are great, and I love making my mom’s stuffed shells and my chicken enchiladas. I love food – both cooking it and eating it, but something I really couldn’t live without is my family: my husband (Matt), our son (Liam), and our doggy (Booch). And in addition to family and food, my other love is travel. FP: You mention travel. Don’t know if you’re aware, but freight travels, and freight is our business. Talk about bringing it all back home. Final question: Where’s your favorite place you’ve travelled? LW: Well, I had a great time in Turtle Bay, Hawaii. And I really enjoyed time spent in the English countryside. But my absolute favorite place to travel is The Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, CA. Nothing I could say would do it justice, but I’ll tell you that every guest room has a different theme, their steakhouse is all pink with little angel babies floating from the ceiling, and their cake is AMAZING.

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