UPS Freight: Get Better UPS LTL Rates

The UPS Freight division of UPS is one of the largest groups within the massive UPS empire. UPS? You’ve probably heard of them. They’ve become the defacto choice for small package ground shipping throughout the United States. But what most people don’t know about UPS freight is that they offer excellent LTL rates as well. …

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Overlength, Over Dimensional Charges, and Volume Quotes: Keeping Things Straight

overlength, over dimensional charges, and volume quotes

  There’s a saying, “Everything is bigger in Texas,” and a lot of people stand by the belief that bigger is always better. In the freight industry, however, this isn’t necessarily the case. LTL pricing is partially based on contracts that allow for a certain amount of space used in the carrier’s trucks. If you have …

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FreightPros gets a Density Calculator

freight class density calculator

    Good news for all you LTL shippers out there. We finally have our own density calculator, and you can find it at our website on our customer login page. But what’s a freight density calculator, and why is it an important tool to have in getting a freight quote? What Is A Freight …

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Freight Shipping: Not a Commodity (Part 1)


Over the past year I’ve met with multiple Presidents of other freight brokerages and have had heard the same theme ringing through regarding freight services as a whole. That the services we provide for people’s freight are essentially a commodity. One President told me something along the lines of, “We’ve accepted that LTL freight shipping …

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