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FreightPros gets a Density Calculator

  freight density calculator  

Good news for all you LTL shippers out there. We finally have our own density calculator, and you can find it at our website on our customer login page. But what’s a freight density calculator, and why is it an important tool to have in getting a freight quote?

What Is A Freight Density Calculator?

A density calculator is a tool used to determine the density of an item. I’m a writer and therefore no good at math, so you’ll have to use the magic of Google to figure out the actual density formula, but suffice to say our system works great and, much like a good third party freight broker, does all the work for you.

What Does It Have To Do With Freight Shipping?

The freight class of many shipping items is determined by that item’s density. As freight class is a large determinate of shipping cost, you’ll want to have the correct density. Our calculator ensures you will.

How Does The Freight Density Calculator Work?

Simply measure the length, width, and height of your freight (packaging included) in inches. Next, list how many pallets will be shipped. Lastly, input the total weight of the shipment. Our calculator will automatically generate your exact density, along with the total cubic feet.

What Does Total Cubic Feet Matter?

Total cubic feet is sometimes needed for purposes of volume shipping quotes. Many freight carriers require the total cubic feet needed to get an accurate volume quote. Our density calculator saves you from enduring more math.

There are loads of great reasons to have a density calculator if you’re in the shipping game, and now you’re just a quick click away. Avoid those crappy reclasses! Get even lower and easier volume shipping quotes! It’s as easy as finding the best online freight broker in the business.


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